Forge Ventures Rubric

The primary objective of the Forge Venture Rubric is to validate the startup's potential to emerge as a winning technology/product in the industrial market and a high-growth industrial technology company. The added benefit of this assessment is the identification of specific interventions that are critically needed to accelerate the startups towards technology, product, market, and growth outcomes.
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How will the Rubric help you?

The Forge Ventures Rubric consists of a 6-point evaluation criteria to assess the startups' risks, potential and advantages relating to market opportunity, commercial viability, and growth readiness. There are 24 attributes in total, 4 attributes per evaluation parameter all of which are scored discretely and then added up as the overall score for each parameter.

The Forge Ventures Rubric is focused on helping entrepreneurs sharpen their strategic planning skills as they plan for growth and build sustainable enterprises. This rubric helps you evaluate your ideas, analyse the current market opportunity around target customers, refine your product development goals and ultimately, determine the best path for growth.

Market Opportunity

Evaluate your Growth potential in terms of emerging as an industrial tech venture in the 5-7 years timeframe

Technology Advantages

Understanding your enduring edge over competitors and your ability to impact multiple product markets across different industrial sectors

Team & Capabilities

Evaluate your team’s expertise & capabilities to realise the product vision along with the partner networks

Product Readiness

Get to know how far you are from Product Market Fit. Is it production ready, passing all the necessary certifications

Product Advantages

Delineate your distinctive product advantages over competitors

Growth Readiness

Get to know your sustainable competitive edges, growth levers and iron out the Unit Economics