A Startup Founder has to build [proof] for the
[potential] to become a high-growth Enterprise!

We call this [proof] every startup's
Minimum Viable Business (MVB) milestone.

What is MVB?

MVB is the smallest size/scale business that earns revenues predictably (revenue per time period) and repeatedly (operating the same plan consistently), with evidence for potential to achieve higher rate of revenue growth at lower fixed and operating costs.

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Building the [proof] is a process of validation;


validation of the willingness-to-pay for the value proposition offered by a product with 100% common factor for a significantly large number of customers


validation of the viability of the operating model and revenue model through achieving consistent and predictable revenues


validation of the growth factors and drivers of the business model to deliver market-leading revenue growth

How do Startup Founders build MVB?

The first three steps concentrate on building Proof-of-Product

These elements of the framework help ascertain that the core offering tackles a problem truly worth solving; proven with the same solution for enough number of similar customers who are willing to pay for it.

The next three steps concentrate on building Proof-of-Business

These elements of the framework help ascertain that the operating model is viable; proven with consistent and predictable revenues achieved through a repeatable sales model resulting in gross margins.

The last four steps concentrate on building Proof-of-Scale

These elements of the framework help ascertain that the business model can be profitably scaled; proven with consistently higher gross margins against relatively lower fixed and operating costs.

Minimum Viable Business









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How do we empower startup founders (innovators) with the skills and
competencies to bring their vision for innovation and change to reality?

In FORGE we have developed and delivered several skills and competencies development programs for Startup Founders aimed at addressing this fundamental need, and to inculcate 'entrepreneurship skills' for both first generation startup entrepreneurs as well as for students, educators and researchers.

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Minimum Viable Business


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  • How can my startup benefit from the MVB BootCamp?

    The MVB BootCamp not just enables a startup entrepreneur to understand the potency of a Minimum Viable Business but also provides the necessary tools to adapt the principles of the MVB framework to their own startup. We hope to aid the startup entrepreneur in establishing a clear direction towards achieving operating profits and becoming an Investable Startup. Additionally, the experiential learning is further strengthened through shared experiences and interactions with peers, mentorship from experts, and advice from industry veterans.

  • How can FORGE help me learn more about the MVB framework?

    At FORGE, we strongly believe in the powerfulness of the MVB framework and believe that startups can greatly benefit from its many applications.
    We have thus designed a three-day BootCamp to help startup entrepreneurs learn, and incorporate into their business model, the principles of the Minimum Viable Business framework through practical applications and peer interactions. Past participants of the BootCamp have found it to be especially helpful in orienting their primary objective towards building proof for their innovative technology, product or business ideas, in becoming more critical and analytical of the real business potential of their ideas, and in aligning their core offering to existing market conditions and envisioning a clear path towards achieving operating profits. You can also read our blog pieces for more information on content offered and our overall approach.

  • How is the MVB framework different to the Business Model Canvas?

    While the Business Model Canvas is a good tool to ideate and visualize the different key elements of a business model, the MVB framework goes much beyond that scope. It offers startup CEOs a set of methods and tools to more rigorously analyze and strategize the business model. In other words, BMC is a tool that you use on the job, whereas MVB is the degree that got you the job.

  • Which stage should my startup be at to apply for the MVB BootCamp?

    We have generally found that early-mid stage startups are able to extract maximum value from the BootCamp. Having a relatively young and flexible business model allows them to integrate their learnings and make changes more easily. However, we are open to working with startups of all stages.

  • Will I be able to attend just part of the BootCamp to test if it would be applicable for me?

    We offer a three-hour MVB 101 seminar as a prequel to the BootCamp. The seminar uses real-world case studies to emphasize the practical importance of the MVB framework in building a sound business model. MVB 101 is designed around the central goal of creating actionable awareness among entrepreneurs on rapidly building proof of their startup’s true business potential.
    While it is not necessary to have attended the seminar in order to participate in the BootCamp, the seminar is a low-time-commitment opportunity to better understand the kind of topics covered in the BootCamp. MVB 101 is typically free of charge. However, in occasional cases a nominal charge might be applied to cover direct costs of conducting the event.

  • When, and where, is the MVB BootCamp being conducted?

    Once you sign up for the BootCamp, we will get back to you on upcoming dates in your prefered city.

  • Can you tell me a little bit more about the exact topics that would be discussed during the BootCamp?

    The MVB BootCamp Agenda provides an overview of the topics that will be discussed over the course of the 3 days.

  • Does everybody from my team need to join the program?

    Some of the activities in the BootCamp tend to be more engaging and effective when there are two or more people working together. However, you are more than welcome to apply as a single founder.

  • How does the pricing for the BootCamp work?

    Prices tend to vary based on location, time, and number of participants. It is usually between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10000 per startup for up to 2 participants, and Rs. 1500 for every additional participant, excluding Service Tax @15%. Please contact info@forgeforward.in for more information on the price.

  • Would I be able to receive individualized mentorship after attending the BootCamp?

    As part of the MVB BootCamp package, participants are given the opportunity to receive two free independent mentoring sessions from relevant industry mentors.