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Startup Masters Program (MBA IEV)
India's first comprehensive curriculum that accredits entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to nurture the next generation of highly competent individuals that harness the power of technology, innovation and enterprise to lead change, and deliver social and economic impact. Forge at the vanguard of driving entrepreneurial revolution, is scaling a digitally powered platform to transform student innovators, academic researchers, startup founders & industry professionals into disruptive innovators, business leaders, and technology visionaries.
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ProtoSem 21.2 - Industrial Digital Tech

ProtoSem is a 20-week full semester course offered as a comprehensive skills and competency development program that embeds an innovation centred approach to engineering education right into the core of the engineering curriculum. Join the course to design, develop and test an innovative solution to solve a real-world problem sponsored by the industry, government, or social sector
ProtoSem 21.2 - Autonomous Systems
Inviting application for the New Cohort of ProtoSem ( Artificial Intelligence & Data Science ) designed to exploit the opportunity hidden beneath huge amount of Data that is being generated by connected devices and smart machines of the 21st century. The Course caters to the demand for highly talented professionals who can drive insights and decisions for problems solved by Startups & Corporates
Entrepreneurial Mindset & Methods
A practice-based course to help innovators and founders think like entrepreneurs and become entrepreneurial leaders. During the course participants acquire the mindset to build skills & competencies, develop the resources and build capacity to transform their innovative ideas into high-growth enterprises. They learn to consistently practice the scientific method to deal with unknowns & unknowns in their future endeavors.
Being a part of the ProtoSem 19.2 batch, I got great exposure on various technologies in an interdisciplinary framework and opportunities to practice leadership skills. The nuances to build our innovation with skills taught by coaches from Industrial Experts, evoked our curiosity to become self-learners for life
Aishwarya, ProtoSem19.2 Engineer, KCT
Our programs are designed to develop entrepreneurial capabilities of students, researchers,educators & professionals to build solutions using advanced technologies and seed innovations & tech powered startups.


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