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    Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (CIBI)

    Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (CIBI) is a Section-25 Company incorporated under the Companies Act-1956 on the 21st of March, 2014, is promoted by the Ramanandha Adigalar Foundation, and hosted by the Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. CIBI is a Technology Business Incubator (TBI), supported and catalysed by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India under the NSTEDB scheme.

    FORGE is the incubation enterprise launched by the Coimbatore Innovation & Business Incubator (CIBI), founded with the vision to create & catalyse innovation powered enterprises that harness the power at the intersection of hardware, software, and computing technologies to solve real-world problems, creating economic gains and delivering social impact. FORGE.FACTORY – the 20,000 sq.ft incubator established in Coimbatore, includes HWjunction – the fully integrated lab for full-spectrum hardware innovation offering equipment, tools, and resources in computing (AI/ML), IoT, electronics, desktop fabrication, 3D printing, drones, and automation & robotics, to support the design, development, and testing of ‘manufacturing’ ready prototypes.


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    Accelerate Innovative Ideas to Disruptive Innovations!

    In FORGE our organising mission is to create technology oriented and innovation led startups, catalyse their transformation into sustainable enterprises, and accelerate their growth to higher potential ventures. We have adopted a 3-stage process for accelerating innovative ideas into enterprises with potential for investments, growth, and profits.

    Stage#1 [Activation] FORGE.FELLOWS

    Idea to creating a company

    Stage#2 [Incubation] FORGE.FIRST

    Getting ready to launch and operating the company

    Stage#3 [Acceleration] FORGE.FAST

    Moving fast towards growing the company (or) Getting funded for rapidly growing the company

    Our Offerings

    We offer Innovation Acceleration solutions to fast forward the journey of young minds with a dream to bring aboutchange in the world, and wanting to become successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

    • Start-ups coworking infrastructure to serve as a hub for innovators and startups in Coimbatore
    • Tech acceleration programs along with prototyping infra for innovators & startups in the hardware Connected DEVICE domain and in the software Business TECH domain
    • Business acceleration programs with access to mentors, domain experts, early adopters, and capital to help Start-upss rapidly build a Minimum Viable Business

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    To FORGE is to Build, to Create, to Innovate and to Startup

    Starting with the fast-forward button representing acceleration we modernized it by blending the gearwheel that represents innovation whilst also symbolising the notion of speed and movement. The logo represents dynamism, acceleration and balance, and is inspired by the colours of fire – the spectrum of colours of the forge, the hearth.

    The Name

    In search of that single word which is simultaneously synonymous to build, to make, to create, to innovate and to startup, we zeroed in on ‘FORGE’.

    FORGE, the immortal hearth where man first melted metal, the earliest high- technology that led mankind towards civilization, giving humans immense power through the creation of tools, implements and machinery that accelerated progress, and sowed the seeds for industrialization and modernization. The name is only befitting when you think of our strong focus on empowering younger minds to kick-start hardware products and businesses, and to become modern age makers, innovators and entrepreneurs in this ‘internet age’ industrial revolution.

    To FORGE is to harness the power of tech in bringing to life an innovative product idea aimed at solving human,business or planet problems.

    The Logo


    Our core purpose is to empower young minds to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship as primary career choices and to accelerate their innovative hardware ideas in electronics and robotics to become popular products and profitable businesses.

    To FORGE FORWARD is to startup with an idea – a dream to bring about change in the world, and to accelerate the process of becoming a profitable product and a scalable business. The process powered by tech tools making innovation frugal, and impactful, and by startup methods making business execution agile and profitable. The arrow head has from time immemorial symbolized acceleration, the process of rapid forward movement and progress. Taking the fast-forward symbol we improvised, modernized and enhanced, by blending into it the gearwheel portraying innovation whilst also further symbolising the notion of speed and movement.

    Voila! We created the FORGE logo that symbolizes FORGE FORWARD.

    The Colours

    FORGE FACTORY the physical space or the centre is envisioned to become a modern maker space – a creative workplace for dynamic innovators and ambitious entrepreneurs to shape and mould their ideas, to craft some something strong, enduring and successful. The logo represents dynamism, acceleration and balance, and is inspired by the colours of fire – the spectrum of colours of the hearth, the furnace in which metal is melted, shaped, strengthened, and forged.


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