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Startup Testimonials

"It was one of the best sessions I have attended. As a startup having multiple revenue streams, it really helped us align in our strategies and gave great insights regarding our target market and ways to approach it. I went back with some great takeaways"
Manas Wadhwa
Founder / Weddingplz (New Delhi)
"The session on Disruptive Innovation & Target Market has given a different approach towards our business challenges. We have understood the basic ingredients required for a scalable business and also learnt to keep our business innovative & solve problems for millions".
Kapil Sethi
Founder / Cellexa Services Private Limited (New Delhi)
"Minimum Viable Business (MVB) Bootcamp helped me to connect all that I have learned so far. This helped me to draw a portrait with the resulting stream of thoughts on MVB Canvas. This experimental and analytical approach of reaching the MVB state has been helping me to keep track of progress which was missing earlier"
Arumugam Sankaran
Founder / Mango Education (Coimbatore)
"Those 2 days changed my pitch in a way that event 10 days working alone would not be able to. It was quite an experience...not only a very entertaining session, but an invaluable lesson. The session on unit economics really opened our eyes, using simple examples, we were taught what investors REALLY wanted to see, and how to put it across in a simple and effected manner"
Kalyan Siva
Founder / 5c Network (Bangalore)
Unitus Seed Fund recently partnered with FORGE to lead our StartHealth competition semi-finalists through the MVB Bootcamp. We found that there was a significant difference in the participants at the beginning of the bootcamp versus when they finished. From an investor's perspective, I'd highly recommend the bootcamp for early-stage startups in order to get them on the right path towards success.
Alex Prather
Program Lead / Unitus Seed Fund, (Bangalore)
The MVB BootCamp made me see the broader picture as a Startup Entrepreneur and how to transform my startup to make it investable. When is Rome do as what Romans do, could be reiterated as I learnt the art of pitching to investors, showing them what they really want to. I specially loved the Unit Economics and Business Model sessions. As founders of a diagnostics startup we face a lot of regulatory and IP related challenges and many of those doubts were cleared during the BootCamp.
Sachin Dubey
Founder / Module Innovations (Pune)
After attending this bootcamp, it made us go back and rethink on lot of assumptions we made. Its very intensive and extremely engaging. One good thing about the bootcamp is they bring in a lot of mentors with real world experience. We had good one on one conversations.
Vinoudini Boj
COO / SKAAS (Bangalore)
It was an intense learning experience. The learnings, the frameworks and the actionable ideas that has come just through the engagement with these people, hopefully will leave mGuru in a good state. Start of with "Failure is ok”. Its only in today’s India or next year India that bottom up is possible. I learnt the importance of bottom up and top up.Ideas, rigour and accountability.
Adam Khorakiwala
Founder / mGuru (Mumbai)
It was very helpful in terms of formulating the right pitch, creating different thought processes for the business idea. a lot of insights of what is happening in the industry. It validates what we have been doing in the past. It helps a lot and builds confidence. When I go back the team will feel more motivated of the work that they are doing.
Pranav Upadhyay
Founder / PRAQTISE (Pune)
The BootCamp has been revelating. We have been gaining a lot of gyaan in the ecosystem but this got us to structure and direct the business in the right way. Gave us a framework and a customer discovery model which forced us to get out there and engage with customers. It is imperative for every Startup to take this up very seriously. I came here with an idea and it has transformed into a bigger and better version.
Founder / Plasmatech (Bangalore)
It really helped us to gauge where we stand and we were able to make important decisions because of this. We were exposed to three different canvas and a general template which would fit into any Startup. This is something all Startups should do even before they start. We should have been here 6 months back and the last two days were full of learnings and insights for us. We liked it, loved it and highly recommend it!
Founder / Healtho5 (Bangalore/Coimbatore)
"What we came into the Bootcamp with and what we got to see here and learn has been a sea change. It also helped us in rediscovering some of the key customer segments which we probably had not considered and also helped us in identifying the right customer segments to target. The MVB plan has helped us to structure our Business Plan in the right way in order to create a perfect pitch. Having data is one thing and interpreting that data and making sense of what the customers wants is something and this bootcamp has helped us nail that! Every entrepreneur who is budding out needs to go through it!
Vinayak Nandalike
Founder / Yostra Labs (Bangalore)
The BootCamp has been a wonderful learning experience. The learnings in the last three days has been phenomenal. This Bootcamp gave us a framework that helps us to focus on the right things and this is something you can carry throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Great learning experience and to top it all the energy and experience that Vish brought into the session was really high and that multiplies the learning experience. It is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who have not reached an investable state irrespective of howlong you have been operational.
Krishna Kumar
Founder / Transity (Chennai)
It gave us insights into the method and science of building a scalable, viable and profitable business. Love the sessions by Vish, which had deep insights about how to address untapped and unserved markets. All the sessions were of high intensity and we are able to map many things in the BootCamp which we could have done better if we had attended it before. It gives a Big picture of the science of making Startups. Overall - Outstanding value for money and highly recommended!
Anurag Gopinath
Founder / SkoolBeep (Bangalore)
Totally worth the time and money. Focussed on the key aspects of the startups. What we don’t know as entrepreneurs is what investor look for and we got to know what kind of questions we have to have answers for. Gave us a framework to think and It helped to validate our concept. Overall - Enlightening, motivating and eye-opening.
Harshad Bhagwad
Founder / WordsMaya (Pune)

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