If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

- Henry David Thoreau

We are calling our way of work in Forge — our work culture if you will, the tenets of our work ethic, the FORGE.FOUNDATION — a set of 10 defining elements of the way we work in Forge.

Facing challenges with the willpower to not quit but to stay through to the end of everything you do, YOU FAIL ONLY BY GIVING UP!

Getting regular feedback on both progress achieved and quality, YOU IMPROVE MORE ONLY IF YOU MEASURE YOUR WORK MORE NUMBER OF TIMES!

Being curious about every detail and taking the effort to understand every detail thoroughly and in-depth, YOU DO GREAT WORK BY BECOMING GREAT IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR WORK!

Being conscious and clear about how your work ultimately impacts how the company performs, YOUR WORK IS DEFINED NOT BY WHAT YOU DO BUT BY WHAT YOU HELP YOUR COMPANY ACHIEVE!

Finding ways to constantly learn and do better in order to enhance the outcomes of what you do, YOU REACH SUCCESS ONLY BY IMPROVING EVERY DAY!

Influencing others internally and externally is key to achieving more individually and collectively, MORE THAN WHAT YOU DO WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU GET DONE FROM OTHERS!

Creating opportunities to put your natural strengths to your role, YOU SHOULD DO MORE OF WHAT YOU ARE REALLY GOOD AT!

Creating ways to work on your passions to enhance the outcomes of your work/role, YOU SHOULD DO MORE OF WHAT YOU ARE REALLY HAPPY DOING!

Going beyond your role and becoming an all-rounder matters, YOU BECOME MORE IMPORTANT TO THE COMPANY ONLY BY DOING MORE!

Adapting to changes all around with the ability to be prepared for the future, YOU SHOULD CREATE THE FUTURE OF YOUR CAREER!

Who we are!

Mission minded


Pursue excellence

Passionate about change

Mad about tech

Big on hardware

High on innovation

Fond of founders

What we do!

Progress first, Perfection next

Obsess over details

Exceed expectations

Live off each other

Remake rules

Help, Hustle, Hack

Ask pardons not permissions

Win autonomy



Shankar Vanavarayar


Vishwanathan Sahasranamam





Shankar is an accomplished business and organization leader, a spirited patron of arts, history and heritage, a successful entrepreneur and an inspired educationist. In a highly dynamic and diversified professional career spread over 15 years he has held leadership positions in businesses, education institutions, social development organizations and programs within The Sakthi Group, and in the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Shankar has a proven track record in building teams, strategic planning, managing programs and operations in multiple domains spanning business (textiles, automotive, financial services, agri-foods, retail), education (arts, science & technology), culture and heritage, community and social development, international youth affairs, cross-national institutions and alliances etc.

As the National Chairman of Young Indians (YI) in 2011-2012, Shankar played a key role in the creation of the Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE). He also led Indian delegations and has represented India as the Global Young Leader in the BOAO Forum in Hong Kong (2011) and China (2012) and has delivered keynote speeches at the Commonwealth Business Forum London, CHOGM Perth summit (2011), G20 France, and Aspen Institute Seminar, Italy (2010).

In his role as Managing Trustee of The Vanavarayar Foundation and keeping with the legacy of his ancestors, Shankar has organized tours, lectures, book publications and awareness programs towards the cause of preserving and portraying the architecture, heritage, culture and history of the Kongu region. As Member of the Apex Body of Siruthuli, he led several projects aimed at enhancing water conservation and rejuvenation through education programs, communication campaigns, and by fostering wider community participation.

As President of KCT and as Vice-Chairman of National Council for Higher Education in CII, Shankar aims at transforming the Indian higher education system through path-breaking reforms in governance, learner-centric academic programs and infrastructure, research & innovation driven industry partnership, international collaboration among others. Shankar has led strategy, events, publications, communications and policy making within CII at the regional (South India) and the national level in areas such as higher education, youth affairs, entrepreneurship, family business and skill building.


dr.b.l.lakshmi meera

Program Director [forge.fellows]

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program manager [forge.fellows]

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program lead

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program lead [forge.fellows]


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marketing lead

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creative lead

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video editor

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creative designer

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content writer


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operations lead

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hr associate

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admin associate

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company secretary [contract]

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Facility lead


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tech manager [forge.fellows]

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lab manager

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it associate


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