• forge.first

    Access to Tech Infra, Expertise, Resources & Supply-chain.

    A tech accelerator program offering tech infra & resources but more importantly training & mentoring aimed at making the process of innovation frugal, agile and impactful!

    connected device

    hardware is hard, not anymore!

    Going from an idea to solve a real-world problem to actually designing, manufacturing and launching the Connected DEVICE in the market; this process has remained a major challenge and has impeded the growth of hardware innovators and startups.

    But guess what! Open source hardware tools and lean hardware methods have now simplified the ‘idea to device’ process, requiring much less cash and done in double quick time

    FORGE.FIRST helps innovators rapidly convert their ideas into devices that are ready not for demo but for production in the factory. By using open hardware & software tools that simplify the process of designing and testing the circuits, sensors, connectivity, intelligence, and plastics of smart devices. In addition to tech infra & mentoring, we enable access to seed capital and to the hardware supply-chain that manufactures devices in small volumes ready for launch and end-user trials.

    business tech

    next billion dollar businesses are tech startups today!

    Globally Startups are using software tech as tools to disrupt traditional service sectors to become billion dollar businesses. How? The power of Business TECH the cloud, mobile, social, and data technologies, used as tools to lower the cost of business, make the service more affordable, create enormous customer value and expand the addressed market exponentially. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs ‘transform innovative business ideas to become disruptive businesses by harnessing the power of Business Tech’!

    FORGE.FIRST helps innovators use tech tools to rapidly launch innovative business ideas aimed at impacting the traditional service sectors. In addition to tech infra & resources, we offer seed capital, mentoring from proven tech entrepreneurs, sector experts and consultants.

  • forge.fast

    Access To Mentors, Experts, Markets & Capital.

    A business accelerator program offering access to early adopters, mentors & execution support aimed at building a minimum viable business rapidly, with less cash and in quick time!

    Business models transform inventions into disruptive innovations

    Wheel, Steam Engine, Computer or Internet! What made these greatest inventions of mankind truly disruptive innovations? The power of a lowest cost business model, that was profitable and super scalable. Our goal is to help innovators and entrepreneurs ‘rapidly explore and validate a higher potential business model, ready to raise capital, and execute towards profits and growth’

    FORGE.FAST helps entrepreneurs accelerate the process of first exploring an attractive business model validated through repeatable revenues and then developing a robust business plan for execution towards profits.

  • forge.factory

    Makerspace, Coworking hub, Startup-Innovation platform.

    FORGE.FACTORY, is the innovation platform for the modern age tinkerers, creators and innovators to forge their innovative ideas into products and businesses.

    Facilities and Infra

    FORGE.FACTORY, is a 10,000 sq.ft startup/innovation hub in Coimbatore – the city of inventiveness and enterprise, offering hardware and software innovators and entrepreneurs a comprehensive support system covering tech infrastructure and resources, tech & business mentoring and expertise, startup co­working, community building and start­up ecosystem events.


    How we forged out our factory



  • forge.force

    COMMUNITY - Coworking, Collaboration, Cocreation & Coexistence

    FORGE.FORCE is an initiative aimed at helping startups cowork, colloborate, cocreate & coexist with professionals, investors, mentors and customers

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