FORGE, Coimbatore nominated among the 5 Partner Incubators
for the iDEX program launched  
Dept of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, GoI 


The core mission of DISC is to serve as a platform for startups, innovators, researchers, and MSMEs, to directly co-create with the Indian defence services and deliver breakthrough technologies and world-class products to modernise Indian Military. 
In FORGE we take pride in being given the opportunity to galvanise the prospective beneficiaries of the DISC program in the Mysore-Bangalore-Chennai-Trichy-Kochi-Coimbatore industrial corridor towards creating a vibrant defence innovation ecosystem. 
To set in motion the process of co-creation and to create widespread awareness, 
FORGE is organising the DISC Outreach & Sensitization Meetups at
Coimbatore [26 Sep] & Bangalore [8 Oct].
 DISC Outreach Meetup #2 @Bangalore 

Between 8.30 AM & 7 PM
@NASSCOM 10K, Diamond District, Bengaluru

[08:30] Registration of delegates, 
arrival of Defence services officers & sector officials, preparation for showcase , and initial rounds of open interactions and walk-through
[10:30] DISC Openhouse
 (Special address by 
Dr.  Ajay Kumar, Secy, Min of Defence, GoI, presentations by stakeholders & startups)
[13:00] Lunch hosted by FORGE
[14:00] DISC Orientation
 (Keynotes, followed by Challenge debriefing and discussions with Defence Services personnel & DPSU Officials)
[15:00] DISC Showcase (A curated set of MSMEs, startups, innovators and researchers showcase their technologies, innovation/research ideas, products a mini expo format)
[16:00] DISC ThinkTank (Challenge debriefing & discussions)
[18:30] Hi Tea & Networking
 Highlights of DISC Outreach Meetup #1 @Coimbatore 
Metrics that matter ... proof for the potential!

#1  DISC Orientation 
To set the stage for an intensive engagement between the various beneficiaries of the DISC program, Vish Sahasranamam, Co-founder & CEO, FORGE presented several case studies of successful open defence innovation programs and also highlighted the crucial role Partner Incubators shall play in achieving the desired outcomes of DISC program. In a highly interactive session, he engaged the visiting defence officers and officials from DPSUs in making a strong case for the need of a managed incubation process to ensure that the open defence innovation program is both outcomes oriented as well as cost-effective .

#2  DISC ThinkTank 
The success of DISC lies solely in the clear and concise definition, validation and documentation of the challenges selected by each of the 3 wings of the Indian Military - Army, Navy and Air Force. To facilitate that process, Team FORGE and other delegates attending the DISC Meetup engaged in 1-on-1 conversation with the visiting defence officers and DPSU officials to discuss and deliberate the requirements, specifications, and other constraints related to the stated challenges. 
The meetup witnessed the emergence of around 50 prospective co-creation and
co-innovation engagements between the defence sector and DISC beneficiaries.

#3   DISC Open House 
To ensure that the voices of each of the visiting defence officers and DPSU officials are heard loud and clear, and also to give an opportunity for the attending beneficiaries to state their views, perspectives and expectations, a 2-hour interactive session was organised.
[Highlights] DISC Openhouse & Showcase

#4   DISC Showcase 
To give startups, MSMEs and innovators an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas, technologies, research projects, and commercially proven products, all of which have relevance to the needs of the defence sector, a showcase in the form of a mini-expo was organised. This led to in-depth conversations and opened up several possibilities for co-creation within the specific context of DISC challenges. In addition, it seeded ideas for further study and exploration in the minds defence officers and the DISC beneficiaries.
Voice of DISC ecosystem beneficaries
An interaction with
Col RIshi Deora